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Importance of Board Director Relationship Management

The traditional role of the board of directors in a public company – to oversee and control – is hopelessly outdated. Directors will have to delve into the smallest details of how companies operate. What Should You Distinguish in Board Director Relationship Management? We all live in a new reality. Changes are happening very quickly, […]

What Is a Board Portal?

You have already developed and described a strategy for the development of your business. Now it’s time to calculate everything in detail. Step-by-step instructions will help you with this: how to choose the board portal? The Meaning of the Board Portal There are several key threats that are closely related to the digitalization of business: […]

What Is the Role of the Nonprofit Executive Committee?

Management and development of non-profit executive committees are one of the first courses in many countries based on the real experience of non-profit organizations. The uniqueness of the board program lies in the presentation of advanced practices to the members. The Main Features of the Nonprofit Executive Committee If the world of business seems too […]